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Product Eligibility Information

Be wary of vendor claims that their products or services are eligible for redemption. Schools and districts are responsible for verifying with the Settlement Claims Administrator that the product or service is eligible for redemption prior to making a purchase. The New York State Education Department and Settlement Claims Administrator DO NOT accept vendor inquiries. Vendors may ask a school or a district to contact us by phone at (866) 303-7288 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, or by email at

Product Eligibility

Eligible products or services must be purchased and then submitted with your voucher to be redeemed for cash. Based on the Terms of the Settlement Agreement,  Specific Category Software Vouchers may only be utilized to purchase specific categories of software (listed below) that are published or sold by any software provider.

- Operating system software
- Word processing software
- Spreadsheet software
- Presentation software
- Relational database software
- Web authoring software
- Productivity software
- Encyclopedia software
- Server software

Product Eligibility List
For information as to what products may be purchased with the Specific Category Software Vouchers, click here.

Product Eligibility Inquiries
If you wish to inquire about the eligibility of products or services, submit an email inquiry to In your email, include the following information:         
  • Your name, title and telephone number.    
  • School number and school name.        
  • The specific name of the product.      .       
  • Identify the publisher and state whether it is for use on a laptop, desktop, server, or is web-based.

An email response, including a confirmation number, will be sent to you within seven to ten business days.  





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